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Cheesecake Mix
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Cheesecake Mix

Just add these mixes to cream cheese and whipped cream or whipped topping,
pour into prepared pie shell and chill for an elegant 5 minute dessert, choose
from delicious flavors - recipes on back of the package including a creamy & lite
Our Cheesecake mixes are natural, fat-free, and contain no cholesterol!
Amaretto Mudslide
Cheesecake Mix

Heaven in a slice!!
This has a rich
chocolate flavor
with a hint of
almond liquer
which makes this
one of our new
favorites. Add a
tablespoon or 2 of
vodka or
ammaretto for a
delicious mousse.
Cheesecake Mix

Real maple sugar
gives this great
flavor. Delicious
with toasted
pecans or walnuts
sprinkled on top.
Cheesecake Mix

Real pumpkin,
cinnamon, nutmeg
and ginger make
this delicious
velvety cheesecake
burst with flavor.
Tuesday thru Friday 10 - 5 PM
4th Friday 10 - 8 PM
Saturday 10 - 4 PM
New York Style
Cheesecake Mix
A delicious mix that is
perfect for that quick
summer dessert. It is
more dense than our
traditional cheesecake,
a little less sweet and it
is delicious topped with
fresh summer fruit such
as blueberries,
strawberries or