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Herb Blends

Halladays Harvest Barn herb blends are all natural, they are all hand blended
and packaged in small batches. Halladays mixes will be an instant hit at all your
parties. Try some of our great unusual flavors, Garlic Chipotle, Lobster Bisque
and Tomato Basil.

Halladays Herbal Blends are also wonderful to use as seasoning. Sprinkle on
fish and chicken before cooking. Use 5 onion in your mashed potatoes. Create a
delicious scallop dish with our lobster bisque. Harvest Barn seasonings add
great flavor with little salt and no calories!
Buffalo Chicken &
Blue Cheese Dip

This mildly zingy dip
has a hint of blue
cheese flavor. Great
with fresh veggies, to
dip wings or to add
as a seasoning
before grilling or
baking chicken.
5 Onion Dip

A flavorful favorite
made with a variety
of 5 onions and other
herbs. Add this herb
seasoning blend to
meatloaf, meatballs,
soups and stews. Of
course it makes a
great onion dip when
added to sour cream.
Garlic Chipotle Dip

requested Hot, Hot,
Hot! This firey herb
seasoning blend is a
great dip or as an
addition to rice,
salads, grilled meat
and fish. Just drizzel
meat or fish with
olive oil and rub on
spice blend.
Lobster Bisque Dip

This seafood
flavored herb blend
is a good soup base
or a delicious dip
with fresh seafood
blended in. Great
added to Ritz
Cracker crumbs with
a little lemon & butter
as a topping for fish
before baking.
Spicy Garlic Dill Mix

This mildly zingy dip
A delicious herb
blend of garlic, dill,
onions and spices. A
special secret added
to potato or tuna
salad and delicious
on fish. Use as a
topping on baked
potato and/or grilled
seafood. Add dried
herbs to tuna, pasta
or potato salad for
great flavor. (Great in
bread machine
Garlic Tomato Basil

This blend whips up
into a great dip with
fresh veggies and is
also so versatile to
cook with. Sprinkle it
on salad greens with
a dash of olive oil
and vinegar. Spice
up your pasta sauce
or add flavor to
grilled or baked
chicken or fish.
Caramel Apple
Dip Mix

Gooey Caramel for
dipping fruit, dessert
fillings or just eating
it from the bowl. So
Yummy!! Just mix
with a block of cream
Tuesday thru Friday 10 - 5 PM
4th Friday 10 - 8 PM
Saturday 10 - 4 PM